Earn money for incoming SMS

Install the application on your phone and receive monetary rewards for incoming SMS messages.

SMSWay is a free application where you can earn on incoming SMS generated by our program

Transform your phone into a source of passive income and cover all expenses for mobile communication

  • 1.
    After installing the application, your Android phone will from time to time receive text SMS from our partners, for which you will receive cash rewards.
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    The average price for 1 SMS is $0.05. Withdrawal of funds is carried out to your crypto-wallet: ETC, LTC, DASH, XRP, ALGO, XLM, SOL, BNB or to your mobile account upon reaching the minimum amount from $0.5.
Famous Brands
Spam protection

3 Simple Steps to Get Started


Download & Install the App

Download the free SMSWay app on your Android phone and allow the permissions to read incoming SMS messages.


Register your SIM card(s)

Verify your SIM card and you're all set! We will send test SMS to your phone number from time to time.


Get cash rewards!

Each SMS message you receive replenishes your balance. Withdrawal of funds at any time to a crypto wallet or mobile account.

Common Questions

Who will send me SMS?

Famous brands and SMS aggregators to check the quality and delivery time of OTP SMS.

Who will pay me for incoming SMS?

Internet services that use SMS verification are willing to pay for checking channels for the quality of delivery of SMS messages.

Is it safe to use the SMSWay app?

Only SMS sent by our system are identified by a 7-digit code and can be read by the application. The privacy policy explains the way we process, store and protect your personal information.

Does the app work on iOS, Windows or Ubuntu?

At the moment the application is only available for Android OS.

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Install the SMSWay app now and see it in action.
Real money.